Lawyers and Paralegals

Marketing, advertising and related laws have exploded in recent years. So, whether you decide to make this new “hot” area of practice your specialty, or you just want to be able to advise your current clients on how to structure legally-compliant promotions, you need these books. Here finally, in the Legal Savvy® Series books, is, a thorough, but concise, set of step-by-step guides you’ll use on a daily basis.


As businesses have increasingly discovered inexpensive and highly effective ways of promoting their products and services on and off-line, the laws governing those promotions have exploded.  More marketing tools. More legal compliance.  But, less time.  However, businesses can structure legally-compliant promotions faster if they have a basic understanding of the laws, as this allows them to do more themselves and/or be able to communicate with their lawyers more efficiently.   Either way, they save in legal fees. Smart, responsible business owners get to know the basic laws from the Legal Savvy® Series books and workshops and rely on their lawyers for the nuances.


Marketers are an incredibly motivated, creative, get-it-done group. What you already know is that, to really provide value to your clients, it’s not enough to dream up that perfect promotion. It has to fit within your client’s budget and it has to be conducted legally. So, imagine the value you can add to your Statement of Work when you can project confidence that the promotion will be conducted legally with a minimum of pass-through attorneys fees. That is what the Legal Savvy® Series books can do for you.


Whether you are a college, law school, law firm or public library, shelf space, cost, and providing up-to-date quality resources for your readers is always top-of-mind. The Legal Savvy® Series books are not treatises that will just collect dust and space on your shelves. They are thorough, but concise (approx. 120 pages), legal guides focused only on what your readers need to know to keep up with marketing and advertising laws. They are written to be entirely accessible to legal professionals, students and lay people alike.  All at an attractive price point.


Law schools, paralegal schools, and schools with marketing, advertising, entrepreneurial or general business programs, can all benefit from adding a class on marketing and advertising laws, whether it is a stand-alone course or workshop, a special program or one class session of a broader related class. And because the Legal Savvy® Series books are short, inexpensive and focused on specific topics, they will not be cost-prohibitive for students who are also buying other textbooks for the class. Incorporate the Legal Savvy® Series books into your curriculum today!


Whether you distribute law books targeted to legal professionals or how-to books targeted to businesses, marketers, or the general public, the Legal Savvy® Series is all you need on the subject of creating legally-compliant promotions. The Series provides readers a cost-effective means to learn about marketing and advertising laws in a parlance that everyone can understand. The best part is that they can be easily be sold through both niche and mass market outlets. To learn more about distribution opportunities, call 626-696-3878 or send an email to .

For All Groups

The Legal Savvy® Series workshops, coming later in 2016, will also be offered to all of the groups on this page, as well as to MCLE Providers. Indeed, lawyers and paralegals in certain jurisdictions will even be able to receive CLE credits for attending! You will be able to take the workshops online at this website, or offer them to your students, readers, employees, clients or customers through your own portals, or if you choose to hire Anne as a speaker, on your premises.