If your clients include businesses, then you need these books, as you will inevitably field a lot of questions related to marketing and advertising laws, which have exploded in recent years. When I assumed my position as head of “film marketing legal” at Walt Disney Studios, I came out of merchandising background and knew nothing of marketing and advertising laws.  So, I had to learn or else! I would have given anything to have some concise, thorough, step-by-step guides and legal citations at my fingertips, as you now have with the Legal Savvy® Series books. So, while these books are intended to be an accessible tool to businesses and marketers, one of the primary reasons I wrote these books was for you – the lawyers who either need these books to advise your business clients on a daily basis, or, as a marketing and advertising boot camp should you decide to embrace this increasingly “hot” area of practice as a specialty. And on that note, I will tell you that I practiced in a lot of areas during my over 30 years of practice, and marketing and advertising was by far the most fun.   Marketers and businesses in product promotion mode are wildly creative people who routinely come up with complicated, downright zany promotions, which is when it gets FUN!