AnnieGirl Multi-Media Presents the Legal Savvy® Workshops

AnnieGirl Multi-Media presents the Legal Savvy® Workshops, online (live and recorded) or onsite at your business or organization.  Check back for dates and times for live and recorded online workshops or contact support@anniegirlmultimedia to request a workshop at your business or organization site.  All workshops are conducted by Anne Moebes.   Check out the class descriptions and Anne’s introduction of each class below.

Creating Sweepstakes and Contests-Legally!

Did you know that 59% of the time spent online by the 2 billion internet users involves participating in sweeps and contests, making it among the top 5 online activities?  

Learn why 70% of major companies will make sweepstakes and contests a part of their marketing strategy in 2014.  Learn how to attract internet users with your own sweeps and contests.  Using an actual case study, learn how to structure legally-compliant sweeps and contests, and use sweeps and contests to build an email list, get free content on your site, and make brand advocates out of your entrants – legally

Engaging Customers with User-Generated Content – Legally!

Why did a popular dance movie, unpredictably, become a hit?

Utilizing a small marketing budget, Walt Disney Studios conducted one of the first user-generated contests.  Inviting users to post videos on its MySpace page, it drew 156,000 friends, and earned $65 million.  Three times the box expected, by all accounts, because of that contest.  

Learn the benefits and risks of inviting user-generated content on your website and how to do it without liability.  Learn how to create a Terms of Use and best practices for clearing and moderating user content to reduce your legal risks.  

Promoting Products and Services – Legally!

Businesses are increasingly using digital marketing methods to make their websites “sticky”.  Attracting customers to your website, and engaging them once they’re there, is only half the battle.  How do keep them? 

Email marketing, blogger advocacy and tracking customer activity are some of the most effective ways, all of which can be done on a micro budget.   A tremendous upside!  But . . . with this upside, comes legal risk. 

Learn how to collect personal information, track customer preferences, run an email campaign, use brand advocates and prepare website advertising copy in compliance with applicable digital marketing laws.